The Shadow Virus-controlled mutation results


The virus is artificial and created millennia ago by a mad scientist whose name has long gone forgotten in the passing time. The design of the virus is to be extremely potent and deadly, it kills within an hour if the circumstances of exposure is optimal. In order to get the rapid development, the atmosphere need to be saturated with slightly more oxygen than what is present on most planets in the galaxy. On the surface of most terrestrial planets, the virus would still develop and infect its host. Still a fatal contaminant when fully infected, the virus needed to be inhaled or ingested.

Controlled mutation

Through laboratory work, Re-Lan-Ett has mutated the virus to de-accelerate it’s own mutation in an oxygen-rich environment and adjusted the catalyst needed to be that of a mixture of oxygen and iron instead – making it highly potent within bloodstreams of most humanoid creatures who shares the same basic biological set-up as Humans (in other words: Oxygen breathers – the virus would be severely hampered in the bloodstream of such species such as Gands for an example).
Not only this, the virus is now longer airborne due to the effects of removing its acceleration with oxygen, now it is reliant to be inserted into the blood of the target.

Game mechanics

If administered into a victim, the victim need to make a Hard () Resilience check if this check is failed they are now infected by the virus and slowly they will die from its effects, unless someone stops it.

Fatality-rating Description Effect
Diminutive As the infection spreads, the diseased will within (1 + Brawn) hours experience dizziness and a feeling of out-of-body sensation, at times they will hear their own breathing as if somebody else were to breathe into their ears. Slight drowsiness will also appear. The victim must make a Simple (-) Resilience check or die from the virus.
No other effects are in place, yet.
Small After (5 + Brawn) hours, the patient will now experience an unnatural feeling of thirst, this is as the virus starts to consume the host’s hydration levels to fuel further infection, and fever appears. The victim must make an Easy () Resilience check or die from the virus.
Moderate After (10 + Brawn) hours, the victim of the virus starts to experience sever nausea and loss of coordination, numbness comes and goes in the extremities The victim must make an Average () Resilience check or die from the virus.
Upgrade the difficulty regarding all Agility based skill checks one time from now on and until the victim either dies or is healed from the ailment.
Likely After (20 + Brawn) hours, the victim has serious troubles at staying alert and awake, and as black-veins starts to appear across the infected person’s face. The victim must make a Hard () Resilience check or die from the virus.
All difficulties against Willpower based skills are upgraded once , all difficulties regarding Presence based skills are also upgraded once.
High (35 + Brawn) hours into the progress, the patient is now a shade of their former self. The brain of the victim is now starting to take serious damage, furthering the difficulties of keeping one’s balance and other bodily functions in check. The victim must make a Daunting () Resilience check or die from the infection.
Cunning and Intellect is both upgraded twice and all checks that require any form of Agility has their difficulties upgraded twice.
The infected takes 1 point of wound damage and 2 points of strain damage every Brawn number of hours.

The Shadow Virus-controlled mutation results

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